WildiZe x Nightfall

Nightfall Collective has partnered with the WildiZe Foundation, a non-profit who has been supporting wildlife conservation and community developments in Sub-Saharan Africa for nearly 20 years. We designed a shirt in collaboration with WildiZe and ask you to help join the fight against illegal poaching and ivory trade.

Both the white rhinoceros and black rhinoceros are becoming increasingly at risk of extinction because of illegal poaching activities. Through the sales of this shirt, we plan to raise money and awareness to help the rhino crisis in Africa. All proceeds will be donated to WildiZe Foundation’s “rhino” fund and will be directly making a positive impact to help stop illegal poaching.

Now it is as important as ever to come together and lead the fight on this global issue. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this important issue and would love all the help and support we can get. Lead the herd and make an impact.

To learn more about the rhino crisis visit http://rhinos.org/the-crisis/.

You can also support this fight by donating directly to the WildiZe Foundation.

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